If you are staying in Germany for less than two years or just for vacation, prepaid phone plans are your best choice. The three main network providers are Telekom, Vodafone, and o2. For their prepaid SIM cards, they usually do not require you to provide a bank account, because you can conveniently purchase your credit online or in German supermarkets, gas stations or kiosks. All prepaid providers also offer to connect your bank account so that you can top up your credit automatically, but you don’t need to use this feature. If you have an IBAN bank account, you can also choose one of the cheaper postpaid plans – some of them even include unlimited data. Below you can see a list of virtually all prepaid offers in Germany. You can sort the table by mobile data volume or price in order to find the most suitable plan for your needs.

Best German Prepaid Plans (valid in all EU-countries)

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)Included Extras€ Price / monthWhere to Order
VodafoneCallYa BlackunlimitedUnlimited calls and texts79.99Order here
VodafoneCallYa Digital30Unlimited calls and texts20.00Order here
O2O2 my Prepaid L12.5Unlimited calls and texts19.99Order here
ALDI TALKPaket L12Unlimited calls and texts17.99Order here
O2O2 my Prepaid M6.5Unlimited calls and texts14.99Order here
LebaraHELLO! S Prepaid6Unlimited calls and texts9.99Order here
CongstarPrepaid Allnet L8Unlimited calls, 9 Cent per text15.00Order here
ALDI TALKPaket M6Unlimited calls and texts12.99Order here
VodafoneCallYa Allnet Flat M20Unlimited calls and texts14.99Order here
WhatsAppWhatsAll 40004--10Order here
BlauPrepaid 3GB LTE3Unlimited calls and texts7.99Order here
TelekomMagentaMobil Prepaid L3Unlimited calls and texts,
Free Data Roaming in Switzerland
Telekom HotSpot Flat
9.95Order here
O2O2 my Prepaid S3.5Unlimited calls and texts9.99Order here
CongstarPrepaid Allnet M5Unlimited calls, 9 Cent per text10.00Order here
VodafoneCallYa Allnet Flat S10Unlimited calls and texts9.99Order here
ALDI TALKPaket S3--7.99Order here
BlauPrepaid 9 Cent09 cents per minute or SMS0Order here
VodafonePAYGO09 cents per minute or SMS0Order here

Not sure which provider to choose? Click here to find out which provider has the best network coverage in Germany.

If you want to order your prepaid SIM card online, you need to have a German mailing address. If you don’t have a German address, because you are just visiting or you stay at a hotel, you won’t be able to order online. You will have to go into a physical store.

Which third-party provider uses which network?

Blau – o2 network

ALDI TALK – o2 network

Whatsapp – o2 network

When you order a prepaid SIM card, be aware that they also require a personal identification. You can complete the identification with your EU-ID card or with your passport either online via video-chat or at a German post office (Post-Ident). You will not be able to use your SIM card until you have completed the identification process.

23 Responses

  1. Mr. Zak Alexander

    I have to stay in Germany (Nürnberg area) this summer for 3 weeks. I want to do talk and text to my family in USA (on AT&T).

    I will have an open US I-phone.
    What’s my best option for sim / digital sim and cheapest plan/prepay?


    Just arrived in Munich today. What is the best pre paid phone for a 2 week vacation.
    More concerned about internet connection. For Uber and other travel apps.
    Thanks Robert

  3. Lisa

    hi can you exceed the limit on an Aldi Talk pre-paid plan or does it just stop whenyou have used all the credit? I don’t want to get a big bill!

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Lisa, for all prepaid plans, it will automatically stop when your credit is used up, so you won’t receive a bill.

  4. Jane

    Hi, is there any data plan for wifi in the home? I’m here for 5 months and i desperately need wifi for the house which doesn’t need a 24-month contract. Any help?

  5. Nicoletta Teuteberg

    Hi, I am coming to see my parents in Germany soon, 14 days in quarantine and NO WIFI… I am looking to buy a prepaid service or order a Sim Card that can be sent to my parents’ home so I have it when I get there. I need mostly data for laptop usage, internet, zoom meetings, bit of WhatsApp etc. So in essence I will bring a mobile router/3G/4G Hotspot modem and need the prepaid Sim that works with it. What is my best option please?? Many thanks, Nicoletta Teuteberg

  6. Anna

    I am flying to Germany in July for a total of 7 weeks and then spend 3 weeks in Poland during that time. I would need call, text and data for gps and language app. Which plan would fit this scenario?
    I have a german bank account and can give my sister’s address.
    Main question that I don’t see answered here: do I use my own iphone?? or a burner phone that I buy in Germany??

  7. Annette Flottwell

    I am despairing.
    Arrived 5 days ago and my Aldi card needs an extremely protracted registering procedure.
    They send you to the post office which does not want to do the thing if you give them the card and your passport.
    They want you to print out a form on beforehand which I can’t do at all.
    Tried another option on the web but again they send you to the same address
    Catch 22.

    What do I do?

  8. Donald Willis

    I bought a 15 euro prepaid Telekom card three days later it’s down to 4.90 and I haven’t used the internet or called anyone. Why does it reduce.

  9. Pender Sessoms

    Just arrived from the United States to Baumholder Germany. Which option is best for service in this area for data (texts, gps, and calling home to the US?) i am thinking T-Mobile prepaid. Just want to make sure i can have service wherever i go if possible.

  10. Tushar

    I want to switch my number from Lycamobile to some other carrier but I want to know what is Number portability charges for Lycamobile Prepaid. is it 15 euro / 25 euro or 30 euro?

    Anyone had any idea and the procedure for same?


  11. Kamran Kerimov

    Hi. I have Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special. All my minutes remain, but I can’t make calls. I get not enough credit response. Should I also have some credits in my account besides the free minutes, to be able to use free minutes?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. Lhenard

    My wife is currently working at hosbach, and is really having a hard time connecting with the imternet because it is too slow and frequently looses internet connection via mobile data, she is using a lyka mobile sim, is there any net provider that is having faster 8nternet connection in her area? What can you suggest,?

  13. Michael

    The recent flyer from ALDI says 2gb for 7.99
    Moreover it says it uses Vodafone network (people are saying it’s better than O2).
    May be I will try 😉

  14. Louis

    Do you know anywhere online I can find the Telekom prepaid “Basic” SIM, the one without any monthly fee? I had purchased one in Germany at a Deutsche Post but have lost it.

    • Christopher

      You’re searching for the Telekom Xtra Card which isnt longer available, Telekom now offers only Prepaid Cards with a monthly fee, you can get a “congstar – Prepaid wie ich will” SIM which is also a Telekom (D1) Carrier, but without 4G.

      Don’t forget that you need to register your German Prepaid SIM Card with an ID or Passport, but you can use your hotel address.

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