iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Launch in Germany

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Buy iPhone 12 Pro in Germany
iPhone 12 Pro in Pacific Blue

Apple’s latest generation of iPhones is available in Germany now.

How much does the iPhone 12 cost in Germany? The table below shows you the price to buy or to get the iPhone in combination with a mobile phone plan. Find the lowest price in Germany – there are various offers with different data plans and different prices. The pricing already includes the German VAT of 16% (on January 1st 2021, VAT will go back to 19%).

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Official Apple iPhone 12 Prices in Germany:

Best German Phone Plans with iPhone 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, and 12 (mini)

ProviderNameiPhone model includediPhone Storage (GB)Data (in GB)One-Time Fee (€)€ Price / monthWhere to Order
Sparhandy (O2)O2 Free UnlimitediPhone 12 Pro Max128unlimited4.9569.99Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil LiPhone 12 Pro12824199.95Order here
O2O2 Free Unlimited SmartiPhone 12 Pro128unlimited178.99Order here
Sparhandy (Vodafone)Red MiPhone 12 Pro128702959.99Order here
O2Smartmobil.de LTE 20GBiPhone 12 Pro12820164.99Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone 12 Pro12820168.99Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil LiPhone 12 Pro12824199.95Order here
VodafoneRed MiPhone 12 Pro1282049.9089.99Order here
VodafoneRed MiPhone 12 Pro25620149.9079.99Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone 1264120164.99Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil XLiPhone 1264unlimited49.95104.95Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil MiPhone 12 mini6412179.95Order here
CongstarAllnet Flat LiPhone 1264104957Order here
Sparhandy (Vodafone)Smart XLiPhone 12 Mini64304.9539.99Order here
A collection of German phone plans, which have the iPhone 12 included. If you want to purchase a smartphone insurance for your new phone, check out these two providers on our partner website My German Finances: Friendsurance and Schutzklick can easily be booked online in a couple of minutes and cover many damages to your phone, such as display breakage, water/fire damage, theft and many more. Friendsurance even offers an insurance without a deductible.

Hands-On With the New iPhone 12 Pro

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  1. David Irankunda

    Hello ,

    I want to have an iPhone 12 Pro Max , can I have it on loan and pay for it monthly?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi David, check out the offers above, many of them have the option to pay the majority of the phone price later on a monthly basis.

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