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German phone plan Xs iPhone

If you are looking for the Apple iPhone 11 or 11 Pro, click here for the latest overview.

Apple introduced the iPhone Xs and all German providers also offer plans with included smartphones. Sometimes these plans have significant price advantages, and often it is the only way to get a new smartphone model, like the new Apple iPhone Xs or Xs Max. We have created an overview over the biggest German mobile network providers Telekom (Congstar), Vodafone and O2 with their smartphone plans that include an Apple iPhone.

All of these plans have unlimited minutes and text messages (SMS) included, in all EU countries. Usually, these plans have a contract term of 2 years and are postpaid, which means you will need a German bank account to order any of these plans.

The only differences between these offers are in the one-time fee for the iPhone, the data allowance per month, and the monthly fee for the plan. Just compare the prices and decide which iPhone model you want!

If you were to buy the new iPhone models without a mobile plan contract, these are the full prices in Germany:

Best German Phone Plans with iPhone 8 / X / XS / XR

ProviderNameiPhone model includediPhone Storage (GB)Data (in GB)One-Time Fee (€)€ Price / monthWhere to Order
O2O2 Free MiPhone XS Max64101.0084.99Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone XS64101.0082.49Order here
Congstar Allnet FlatiPhone XS64539.0055.00Order here
Congstar Allnet FlatiPhone XR6451.0045.00Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone XR64101.0059.99Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone X64101.0059.99Order here
VodafoneRed LiPhone X6416449.9052.49Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil MiPhone 8 Plus645249.9951.95Order via mobilcom
O2O2 Free MiPhone 864101.0049.99Order here
Congstar Allnet FlatiPhone 864539.0035.00Order here
TelekomMagenta Mobil LiPhone 864699.9959.95Order via mobilcom
VodafoneRed LiPhone 86416249.9052.49Order here
O2O2 Free MiPhone 71281025.0039.99Order here
Congstar Allnet Flat PlusiPhone 732559.0030.00Order here
Congstar Allnet Flat PlusiPhone SE32449.0040.00Order here
A collection of German phone plans, which have the iPhone included. If you want to purchase a smartphone insurance for your new phone, check out these two providers on our partner website My German Phone: Friendsurance and Schutzklick can easily be booked online in a couple of minutes and cover many damages to your phone, such as display breakage, water/fire damage, theft and many more. Friendsurance even offers an insurance without a deductible.

13 Responses

  1. juhi

    what is the current price of i phone 8 plus 64 gb, i phone x 64 gb nd 7 plus 32 gb

    • MyGermanPhone

      If you cancel the contract before it ends (e.g. because you move abroad), you will just need to pay the outstanding payments for the phone.

  2. Vodacom user

    Can l buy from O2 when l have a vodacom sim card? When l get the data will it work?

    • MyGermanPhone

      The one-time fee is a payment you need to make for the phone. The newer models usually have the highest one-time fees, but it also depends on the selected plan.

  3. Ella

    How does the plan works when you wanna purchase it? Pay one time fee plus the monthly fee? Is that how it works?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Yes, you will pay the one-time-fee for the iPhone and possibly a setup-fee for the sim card (e.g. with Vodafone 39.99€, with Congstar 10€, with O2 29.99€). Then you only pay the monthly fee for the plan.

  4. Jyoti

    Recently I bought an iPhone x 54GB in silver colour. From Germany media markt
    I want to use this phone in Nepal
    Is this phone works in Nepal?

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