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ALDI TALK is the mobile telecommunication provider owned by Aldi North and Aldi South, two major supermarket chains in Germany. It is using the network of O2, a network that is used by many third party providers, because it is usually more affordable than the networks of Telekom or Vodafone (D1 and D2). Read about which German mobile networks are the best here.

ALDI TALK offers very competitive and affordable prices, especially for mobile data. They offer internet data plans, but also packages of internet with free minutes and text messages included. If you do not make many normal calls and mostly use internet calls (VoIP), such as Skype, FaceTime or Whatsapp, you should probably choose ALDI TALK’s internet data packages.

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Check out the overview of the ALDI TALK plans below and choose the one that fits your personal needs:

ALDI TALK Prepaid SIM cards

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)Included Extras€ Price / 4 weeksPlan TypeWhere to Order
ALDI TALKPaket L6Unlimited calls and texts19.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKPaket M4Unlimited calls and texts12.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKPaket S2Unlimited calls and texts7.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKInternet S0.5--3.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKInternet M1--6.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKInternet L3--9.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKInternet XL6--14.99PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKBasic Plan----0.00PrepaidOrder here

ALDI TALK Starter-Set (Basis-Prepaid-Tarif)

The starter set is the most basic plan from ALDI TALK and allows you to make calls and send text messages (SMS), which are billed according to your usage. You can also use mobile data, but it costs 0.24€ per MB and is therefore quite expensive. The plan does not cost any fee per month, you only have to pay 12.99€ initially, which includes 10€ starting credit.

    • Price per minute or SMS: 0.11€ within Germany and 0.03€ within Germany to another ALDI TALK number
  • Calls from Germany to North America & Europe: 0.12€/minute (landline) and 0.29€/minute (mobile number)

ALDI TALK Internet Flatrates (500MB to 5.5GB)

ALDI TALK’s mobile data plans offer a very good value for money for people with high data consumption. You can choose between four package sizes from 500MB to 5.5GB per month. ALDI TALK’s maximum internet speed is 21.6 Mbit/s for downloads and 8.6 Mbit/s for uploads, which is rather mediocre as Vodafone and O2 offer a higher internet speed. In exchange for speed, you will get more data. In these pure internet plans, you will be billed for your calls and SMS per use. The order price is 12.99€ with 10€ starting credit and the monthly fee is automatically deducted when activating the SIM card.

  • Price per minute or SMS: 0.11€ within Germany and 0.03€ within Germany to another ALDI TALK number

ALDI TALK Data/Voice Packages

ALDI TALK also offers packages with a combination of mobile LTE data and included minutes and SMS, like O2 or Vodafone are doing it as well. These packages pay off if you are making many calls or sending many text messages. Otherwise you would be better off buying one of the internet plans, which bills you by the amount of minutes or SMS you used. All of the packages include unlimited calls and SMS to all German numbers.

The packages are the following:

ALDI TALK Music Packages

ALDI TALK also offers two music packages that include a free music streaming subscription for Napster (called ALDI life Musik). Just like with Spotify, you can use ALDI life Musik to listen to millions of songs and audiobooks. You can stream it or download it to your device to listen offline. This music streaming service normally costs 7.99€/month.

The ALDI TALK Music Package M includes the music service and 1GB of mobile data, as well as unlimited minutes and text messages for 9.99€/month. Package L includes 2GB for 14.99€/month.

ALDI TALK Extra Options

If you are using the basic plan without internet or included minutes, you might want to add some extra options every once in a while. Alternatively, if you use one of the internet plans and have used all of the high speed data, you can purchase an option to reset your high speed data allowance. ALDI TALK also offers a nice option for everyone who is travelling to Switzerland: For 4.99€ you can use 500MB of mobile data in Switzerland (and all of EU) for seven days.

See this overview of all ALDI TALK options:

  • Community Flat: unlimited calls/SMS to all ALDI TALK numbers – 2.99€/4 weeks
  • New High Speed Data: Reset your allowance of high speed data – starting at 3€ per reset
  • Switzerland & EU Mobile Data: 500MB – 4.99€/7 days
  • Switzerland & EU Voice Calls: 150 minutes – 4.99€/7 days

How to check your ALDI TALK credit balance

To buy credit for ALDI TALK, just buy a credit voucher in any ALDI supermarket in Germany (there is at least one in every town) or set up a connection to your bank account.

The bank  account connection is more convenient as it allows you to simply buy more credit from the ALDI TALK app or from the ALDI TALK website, which is then instantly available.

You can check your credit balance by calling 1155 or by calling*100#.

To active your credit voucher, type *104*YOUR CODE* and press “call”.

You can check your remaining mobile data with the ALDI TALK app (for Android or iPhone).

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57 Responses

  1. Fatima

    I have a german aldi talk sim but I am in the Netherlands now and got an aldi talk 10 Euro voucher from here. I can’t figure out how recharge the voucher using the code because it doesn’t work with *104*CODE*. How can I do that?

  2. Run Li

    Hello, I will go to China. Can I receive the message from bank in case I wanna transfer some money from my German account? should I activate the international roaming?

  3. Elizabeth

    I have an aldi prepaid card in my phone , can I received text from Germany and vice versa ? Please help,thank U .

  4. larissa

    I put 30 euros on Monday on my phone… Yesterday (Friday) I ran out of crédit. I don’t even know HOW that is possible.
    What happened? :/ I use the wi-fi most of the time at home… Can you give me an explanation?

  5. Hannah

    I have been trying so hard to use the 10 Euro started pack that I purchased here in Germany. I logged on and got registered and was told that within 24 hours it would work. A few hours later I was able to use my phone and Facetimed my boyfriend for 5-10 minutes, when it suddenly stopped working. I have been trying for hours to activate it again, and have even tried to put more money on the account. However, because I use an American bank, there is no way for me charge more on my SIM card because they have a different banking system and it gives me no other option. This is completely ridiculous and I would not recommend any American to purchase this. Everything is in German, and though my German is at a A22/B1 level I am still having difficulties navigating the website and instructions. I will be in Germany for another month and still have no way to contact my loved ones or navigate Berlin, except for at free internet at local businesses. I cannot call for customer service and I have no idea what to do.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Hannah, I am sorry you had difficulties. The reason could have been that you did not activate the plan with your credit. If you don’t do that before you use your phone, it will charge you for each megabyte internet. Try to reach out to Aldi Talk’s customer service.

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