Klarmobil: Free Earbud Headphones with Allnet Flat plans

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Klarmobil has really improved their smartphone plans, offering a lot of mobile data for a low price. Even compared to other mobile providers in Germany, they are currently beating them at value for money.

Their network service is operated by Telekom or Vodafone, as they are offering the D-network (the best coverage in Germany). The contracts are for 24 months – after that you can continue the plan for €9.99 extra per month or just cancel and get a new (cheaper) plan.

Their Allnet Flat plans offer unlimited calls and text messages plus a certain amount of data that you can choose from:

Allnet Flat 3+2 LTE5 GB LTEUnlimited Calls and SMS€10 / monthGet it here
Allnet Flat 5+10 LTE15 GB LTEUnlimited Calls and SMS€15 / monthGet it here
Allnet Flat 10+10 LTE20 GB LTEUnlimited Calls and SMS€20 / monthGet it here

Klarmobil Promotion: Free Urbanista Lisbon headphones

In their current promotion, Klarmobil offers free headphones (Urbanista Lisbon) and no setup fee for all their Allnet Flat plans. This offer is only valid until 24th October 2021.

On top of that, you save €9.99 per month for the first 2 years, a total saving of €239.76. In our opinion, the best deal would be the Allnet Flat 5 + 10 GB LTE, which only costs €15 per month and gives you unlimited calls and SMS as well as 15GB LTE speed mobile internet. All of this is in the D-network, which means it would be operated by Telekom or Vodafone and has the best coverage in Germany.

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