Free Roaming in All EU-Countries with All German Carriers!

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Free EU Roaming with German SIM Card
Free roaming in all countries of the European Union (+ Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) starting from June 15, 2017!

The EU commission has passed the “Roaming-directive”, which states that  – starting from 15th June 2017 – no German mobile phone carrier can charge you high roaming fees when you are traveling to another EU country (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland are included as well). This directive has been long-awaited and is extremely convenient for anyone living in the European Union or tourists who want to travel through a couple of European countries. Please note that Switzerland is not part of the EU, but Deutsche Telekom‘s SIM card deal includes free data roaming in Switzerland (see here).

Show list of included roaming countries and territories

Canary Islands
Cyprus (excluding North Cyprus)
Czech Republic
France (excluding Monaco)
French Guyana
Great Britain
Guadeloupe & Saint-Martin
La Réunion

What is included in German mobile phone plans?

Generally, if you booked any package with included minutes, text messages (SMS) or data, you will be able to use that package in all EU countries at no extra cost. This directive is only valid within the EU: You can only use your minutes and text messages (SMS) for calls/SMS to Germanywithin that foreign EU-country, or to another EU-country. If you need to make calls to a third foreign country, which is not part of the EU, you will be charged roaming fees.

We will give you an overview of some of the most popular German carriers: O2, Vodafone, Telekom and Congstar.

This table lists the prices for the situation that you are using the German phone plan in another EU-country, e.g. France.

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Roaming Charges within the European Union (EU)

An overview of EU roaming charges with three of the most popular German mobile phone carriers, starting from June 15, 2017.
CarrierCalls, SMS, data included in your plan | use within EUAdditional units not included in your plan | use within EUCalls or SMS to a third country (prices vary), Example: USA
O2 (Prepaid)free9 Cent / minute
9 Cent / SMS
1,29 Euro / minute
0,39 Euro / SMS
Vodafone (CallYa Prepaid)free9 Cent / minute
9 Cent / SMS
3 Cent / MB
3,1059 Euro / minute
0,49 Cent / SMS
Congstarfree9 Cent / minute
7 Cent / SMS
Data roaming not possible if not already included in your plan
1,49 Euro / minute
0,39 Euro / SMS
Telekomfreemax. 22 Cent / minute
7 Cent / SMS
1,49 Euro / minute
0,39 Euro / SMS

If you would like to order a free German sim card, find out more here.

3 Responses

  1. sigrid

    what about the “fair-use-policy” which is applied by some carriers? If one has a German Plan, but stays (has to) for a longer time (a year or more) in another country within the EU? Is it still “free roaming”?

  2. mario giotta

    As I’m not so familiar with the terminology, I want to know that EU-roaming means that I can make free calls from Germany to any other countries networks within EU. I’m a Romanian, living and working in Germany and I’m having daily calls in Romania. Any suggestions would be welcomed.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hello Mario, unfortunately, EU-roaming only means that when you are in another EU-country other than Germany, you can call a German number for free and also in the EU country that you are in. (Given that you have the according unlimited calls plan in Germany). So it wouldn’t work for calls to Romania from Germany. But you could simply keep your Romanian phone plan as it will have free roaming in Germany.

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