We have collected the best German data plans for your smartphones in the table below (prepaid and postpaid). See which one fits your needs and budget best. If you only need data for your tablet or computer, scroll down to see special data-only plans. If you are a student or are 28 years old or younger, scroll down to see special plans for young people.

Unfortunately, it is not common in Germany to get data plans with unlimited mobile internet, you will usually have a high speed allowance of a couple of gigabytes, depending on your plan. Currently, Telekom and O2 are the only providers, which offer unlimited data plans. However, they are still expensive (O2: €59.99, Telekom: €79.99/month) so it might be wiser to get a different plan with 30GB or 60GB allowance. Vodafone used to offer an unlimited data plan SIM card (Vodafone XL), but it is not available anymore.

If you are a tourist or only a short-term visitor, Prepaid plans are probably the best choice for you. Postpaid plans are often cheaper but usually require a German bank account. German mobile data packages have been consistently getting cheaper over the last years. Now, they often even include unlimited calling and texting. See below which data plan would be the best for you:

Best German Data Plans (valid in all EU-countries)

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)Included Extras€ Price / monthPlan TypeWhere to Order
TelekomMagentaMobil XLunlimitedUnlimited calls and texts
Free Data Roaming in Switzerland
Telekom HotSpot Flat
79.95PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free UnlimitedunlimitedUnlimited calls and texts59.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free L with Boost60Unlimited calls and texts44.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free L30Unlimited calls and texts39.99PostpaidOrder here
VodafoneRed L16Unlimited calls and texts34.99PostpaidOrder here
CongstarAllnet Flat Plus12Unlimited calls and texts30PostpaidOrder here
SimDiscountAllnet Flat 10GB LTE10Unlimited calls and texts22.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free M10Unlimited calls and texts29.99PostpaidOrder here
CongstarAllnet Flat8Unlimited calls and texts20PostpaidOrder here
BlauAllnet Plus8Unlimited calls and texts23.99Postpaid (24 months)Order here
Telekom (via Tarifhaus24)MagentaMobil M8Unlimited calls and texts
Free Data Roaming in Switzerland
Telekom HotSpot Flat
25.82Postpaid (24 months)Order here
Tarifhaus (Vodafone network)Allnet Flat 6000MB6Unlimited calls and texts15.99Postpaid (6 months)Order here
ALDI TALKPaket L6Unlimited calls and texts19.99PrepaidOrder here
SimDiscountAllnet Flat 5GB LTE5Unlimited calls and texts12.99PostpaidOrder here
BlauAllnet XL5Unlimited calls and texts13.99Postpaid (24 months)Order here
PremiumSIMAllnet XL5Unlimited calls and texts9.99PostpaidOrder here
SimDiscountAllnet Flat 4GB LTE4Unlimited calls and texts7.99PostpaidOrder here
VodafoneAllnet Flat4Unlimited calls and texts22.50PrepaidOrder here
ALDI TALKPaket M4Unlimited calls and texts12.99PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid S3Unlimited calls and texts14.99PrepaidOrder here
MaxximLTE 30003Unlimited calls and texts7.99Postpaid (24 months)Order here
BlauAllnet L3Unlimited calls and texts8.99Postpaid (24 months)Order here
WhatsAppWhatsAll 20003--10PrepaidOrder here
Telekom (via Tarifhaus24)MagentaMobil S2Unlimited calls and texts
Free Data Roaming in Switzerland
Telekom HotSpot Flat
10.82Postpaid (24 months)Order here
ALDI TALKPaket S2Unlimited calls and texts7.99PrepaidOrder here
BlauPrepaid 1.5GB LTE1.5Unlimited calls and texts8.99PrepaidOrder here
TelekomMagentaMobil Prepaid M1.5Free Data Roaming in Switzerland
Telekom HotSpot Flat
9.95PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid S1.5Unlimited calls and texts9.99PrepaidOrder here
SimplyLTE 10001Unlimited calls and texts6.99PostpaidOrder here

Data-only Plans

If you only need data on the go for your tablet, you should check out the following plans. They only include internet access, phone calls or text messages are not possible. You can use them with your tablet or with an internet surf-stick (e.g. AVM FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick). Congstar Homespot is a special offer, which only works at a certain address of your choice (e.g. your home address).

Data-only Plans (e.g. for tablets or surf-sticks)

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)€ Price / monthPlan TypeWhere to Order
Congstar Homespot 20020040.00PostpaidOrder here
Congstar Homespot 10010030.00PostpaidOrder here
Congstar Homespot 303020.00PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Data L2029.99PostpaidOrder here
Telekom Homespot 301029.95PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Data M1019.99PostpaidOrder here
CongstarDaten L519.99PostpaidOrder here
Tarifhaus24 (Vodafone network)Datentarif 4GB513.95PostpaidOrder here
SimplyLTE Internet M39.99PostpaidOrder here
Telekom Homespot 30214.95PostpaidOrder here
CongstarDaten M214.99PostpaidOrder here
SmartmobilLTE Internet M27.99PostpaidOrder here
SimplyLTE Internet S14.99PostpaidOrder here
A collection of German data-only plans, which can be used with a special router for your home, tablets or computers (with surf-stick).

Networks used:
Congstar: Telekom network
O2: Telefonica network
Simply: Telefonica network
Smartmobil: Telefonica network
Tarifhaus24: Telekom network

Vodafone and O2 have special perks, which could make a big difference:


  • Vodafone Pass: The Vodafone Pass lets you use certain apps without decreasing your data. You can only choose one pass from the following: Chat-Pass, Social-Pass, Music-Pass, Video-Pass.
    • The Chat-Pass includes: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema, Viber
    • The Social-Pass includes: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest
    • The Music-Pass includes: Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, TIDAL, Deezer, Napster, and others
    • The Video-Pass includes: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Vevo, Sky Go, Sky Ticket, Tattoo, and others
  • GigaDepot: Any data that you have left in a month will be rolled over to the next month. This means you don’t loose data volume, because it is transferred to the next month.
  • GigaSwipe: You can trade in parts of your flat rate, e.g. if you never write SMS anymore, you can trade it for 1GB of extra data.


Special Offers for Young People and Students in Germany

So which one is the best SIM card in Germany for students? It simply depends on your needs: Do you need a lot of mobile internet, or do you need free minutes and SMS? Either way, the following mobile carriers offer special discounts for students and young people and will definitely save you money compared to their standard offers. The age limit for these offers is 29 years (for 1&1) and 28 years (for O2 and Vodafone). If you are a student, you can still get the O2 discounts, even if you are 28 and older.

Special Offers for Young People and Students in Germany

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)Included Extras€ Price / monthConditionWhere to Order
O2O2 Free L Junge Leute30Unlimited calls and texts34.99younger than 28 years or studentOrder here
VodafoneYoung XL21Unlimited calls and texts32.99younger than 28 yearsOrder here
VodafoneYoung L11Unlimited calls and texts24.99younger than 28 yearsOrder here
O2O2 Free M Junge Leute10Unlimited calls and texts24.99younger than 28 years or studentOrder here
VodafoneYoung M6Unlimited calls and texts19.99younger than 28 yearsOrder here
1&1Allnet Young5Unlimited calls and texts14.99younger than 29 yearsOrder here
OteloO2 Free S Junge Leute5Unlimited calls and texts14.99younger than 28 yearsOrder here
VodafoneYoung S1.5Unlimited calls and texts16.99younger than 28 yearsOrder here
O2O2 Free S Junge Leute1Unlimited calls and texts14.99younger than 28 years or studentOrder here

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  1. anca

    i m moving to Munchen and I would like to know what can ( supplier ) you recommend for internet ( home ) and for sim card ? I m moving for at least 2 years.

    thank you

  2. MIT


    I will be 5 days in Germany and 6 days in France. I would like to buy SIM card in Frankfurt. What is the cheapest plan for this period knowing that my main interest is internet data and from where I can buy? Also , if I am a tourist, can I buy a SIM card, and from where I can do this in Frankfurt?

  3. Giovanni


    I’m going to stay in Germany for 3 months. Unfortunately, I rented an apartment without a wi-fi connection.
    I need to understand what’s the best solution to have unlimited internet for three months. I will have to write my thesis, watch films and do a lot of Skype calls.

    What would you recommend?

  4. Dinakar Ramesh

    My son os going as student to some universities for studying german language course for one month he want s bye sim card with free outgoing calls and maximum data 4g which is best one pr he may get matrix sim from india itself

  5. Zaid

    I’m going to Berlin for a minimum 6 months long stay as a student so what do you recommend a SIM card with best offer for LTE and best quality?

  6. Tamil

    Hi I am planing to study at Germany and my age is 21
    Which plan suits me I am using vodaphone at India how to change it please guide me

  7. Valentyna

    I’m going to Germany for 2 weeks. I will need to make a lot of Skype calls. I want to buy a 3g modem. Which tariff would be the best?

  8. Steven

    I will be in Germany for 3 months from May. Looking for the best prepaid sim with data text and calls. Will need at least 5GB with option to add data if needed. What would you recommend?

  9. Roberto

    Any idea on how to get a plan with unlimited data roaming plan in the EU?
    The unlimited plans are only unlimited within Germany with a max GB for EU roaming.

  10. CKM

    Hi, I’ll be in Germany for 3 years and will be travelling around Europe via train/car/bus. Hence, data is crucial to me. Would you think that the Congstar Fair Flat is a good idea? If not, which would you recommend? (Sorry, too many choice above) I’d like to think that I’m not an active data user but I occasionally surf instagram and facebook too. Thanks!

  11. Luiza Barreto Rodrigues

    Hi, there! I really appreciate the effort you put into gathering all this info, so thanks for that!
    I have one question though: Do you know of any option/plan that offers a good amount of data for a student that is only staying in Berlin for a week?
    Thanks 🙂

  12. Alisdair

    MyGermanPhone. Nope. Not anymore. Suddenly there are more and more mobile contracts data plans that do not accept roaming. Specially the very unexpensive ones. The same is already happening in other Member States of the EU. I live in Germany, at the border with Luxembourg, and I was suprised to discover last week when I arrived to my office in Luxembourg city with my new tablet, that it could not get into any network. Called customer services in Germany, and they confirmed that I could only use the data plan it in Germany. I have doubts that such contracts are legal under EU Law, but i have not researched the issue though.

    • MyGermanPhone

      All major carriers will give you free roaming. There are a few plans that do not allow you to roam for free, but they are usually cheaper and they state this condition when you order the plan. All major providers like Telekom, Congstar, O2 and Vodafone will give you free EU-roaming.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Dusan, do you mean the SimDiscount 3GB plan? That is actually 7.99€/month.
      The Blau plan 3GB is 9.99€/month now.

    • Dusan

      HI there,
      you are absolutely right. One more question, why Maxxim is not listed there? They have really good offer for flat calls and 3 GB for 6.99 eur

  13. Jenny lewis

    I need a plan for my daughter who is studying in germany for 2 years .
    I would like it to come with a phone .
    She needs data mainly and as she’ll be traveling it needs to be able to be used around Europe and also in England
    What would you recommend

    • MyGermanPhone

      Every German plan will work in all countries of the European Union with free roaming. If she is a student, she can take advantage of student discounts. Plans from Vodafone offer a good value and these can be ordered with or without smartphone: Vodafone Student plans. O2 plans are usually slightly cheaper.

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