Many German mobile telecommunication providers offer cheaper deals for “At Home” internet with a router. You will still use a SIM card and log onto the mobile network but in some areas this might be more flexible and faster than the landline internet connection.

Some of these deals can also be used with your tablet (e.g. iPad) or surfstick for your laptop for internet on the go.

Click here for O2’s internet at home offers (broadband/DSL, cable, fiber-optic, 4G/5G)

Data-only Plans (e.g. for tablets or surf-sticks)

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)€ Price / monthPlan TypeWhere to Order
O2O2 my Home Munlimited (50 MBit/s)19.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Home XL (broadband)unlimited (250 MBit/s)24.99PostpaidOrder here
Congstar Homespot 20020040.00PostpaidOrder here
Congstar Homespot 10012530.00PostpaidOrder here
Congstar Homespot 305020.00PostpaidOrder here
TelekomData Comfort L2529.95PostpaidOrder here
SmartmobilLTE 20GB2219.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Data M2019.99PostpaidOrder here
SmartmobilLTE 20GB1514.99PostpaidOrder here
TelekomMagentaMobil Data M Flex1019.95PostpaidOrder here
KlarmobilKlarmobil 10GB LTE1011.99PostpaidOrder here
LebaraData M614.99PrepaidOrder here
CongstarDaten L1622.00PostpaidOrder here
CongstarDaten M816.00PostpaidOrder here
SimplyLTE Internet M69.99PostpaidOrder here
SmartmobilLTE Internet M69.99PostpaidOrder here
SimplyLTE Internet S14.99PostpaidOrder here
A collection of German data-only plans, which can be used with a special router for your home, tablets or computers (with surf-stick).

Networks used:
Congstar: Telekom network
O2: Telefonica network
Simplytel: Telefonica network
Smartmobil: Telefonica network
Tarifhaus24: Telekom network