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Click here to find out more about O2’s offers for your internet connection at home (broadband/DSL, cable, fiber-optic)

O2 Germany

O2 is a home internet and mobile telecommunication provider located in Germany that has made it easier and more convenient for households to get access to regular internet connection.

O2 offers different connection options from mobile network (LTE/5G), DSL (broadband), TV cable and fiber-optic cable. They keep their customers at the forefront as they aim to meet their needs and goals when it comes to internet connectivity. The main difference in these offers is the connection speed, fibre-optic being the fastest.

  1. Internet via DSL (broadband)
  2. Internet via TV cable
  3. Internet at home via 4G/LTE or 5G (mobile network)
  4. Internet via fibre-optic cable

Our selection as O2’s best deal:

Click here to get the full overview of O2’s internet at home offering in Germany.

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