Congstar Fair Flat: New consumption-based phone plan in the best network

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Congstar introduced its new mobile phone plan called “Fair Flat“, which includes a consumption-based data option: You only pay for the amount of data you use within a month. You can choose your monthly data allowance from 5GB to 18GB, but you actually only pay for the amount of data you consume. This system is especially interesting for people who need some more or less data depending on the month.

Congstar is the young brand by Telekom and it uses the same mobile network as Telekom, but charges more affordable prices.

Essentially, it works like this: The Congstar Fair Flat is a postpaid plan, which means that you get a bill for whatever you consumed at the end of the month. The billing amount is then taken from your bank account. The minimum you need to pay each month is €15 for 5GB and unlimited calls to German numbers. Each extra Gigabyte-step you need costs €3, but you can select the maximum amount you want to pay, which ranges from €15 (2GB) to €30 (18GB) per month. You can change your selection every month.

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Congstar Phone plan data internet

Summary of the key facts:

  • Only pay for the amount of data you use
  • The minimum amount is 5GB for €15/month
  • Each extra GB-step costs €3 extra
  • Choose the maximum amount you want to pay (changeable monthly)
  • Unlimited calls to German numbers are included
  • No minimum contract term

To find out more about this new plan visit the Congstar website, where you can also order it.

Useful link: How to keep your current phone number when switching to Congstar

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Congstar “How I Want It”

For some people it might be a dealbreaker that the “Fair Flat” is postpaid, because they prefer prepaid phone plans. In that case, take a look at the Congstar “Wie ich will” (“How I want it”) plan: It is a prepaid plan that also uses the best German mobile network by Telekom and that lets you decide how much data, minutes, and text messages you need per month. However, you can only get a maximum data amount of 2GB per month with this plan. If you do not mind postpaid plans, or actually prefer them, because they automatically collect your monthly fee, check out the Congstar “Wie ich will” postpaid version, which is cheaper than the prepaid version.

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