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DKB Visa card cash

For travelers, exchange students and expats it is often very inconvenient to withdraw cash in a foreign country. If your home bank offers partnerships with banks in the respective country, they are usually not widely available and not close by. However, withdrawing cash from a cash machine that is not in your bank network might amount to high fees.

For these reasons, we were very excited when we found out about the DKB Cash account with a free VISA card for free worldwide cash withdrawal. There is no account opening fee and no monthly or yearly fee. Even the VISA card is always free. You can withdraw cash with the VISA card from any cash machine worldwide and pay no fees. If a cash machine charges a surcharge for the withdrawal, DKB will refund this charge to you.

The 5 minute registration process can be done online, you will only need to identify yourself either via an online service or via PostIdent, which is a check of your passport at a local post office. Try it out and let us know what you think!

DKB Visa card free worldwide cash

Request the free DKB VISA card

Alternatively, have a look at the N26 Mastercard. It is also completely free and supports Google Pay in Germany. It will also be among the few banks in Germany that will support Apple Pay once it is launched in Germany in late 2018. N26 is the first German digital bank, which offers all its services through an app and through their website. A great advantage for foreigners: The app and online banking are available in English as well!

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