Dear Student, Worker, Traveler,Ben (sz)

my name is Ben and I created this website to help you find the best German phone plan according to your needs.

I have been living abroad for quite some time as well, and I had always been annoyed by combing through the foreign carrier’s websites to find the most suitable phone plan. The foreign language, that I was not perfectly able to speak and understand, didn’t make this task easier.

This is why I know exactly how you might feel coming to Germany for traveling, studying or working. It can be overwhelming to browse all these websites of Congstar, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2, BASE, 1&1, klarmobil, and many more. Especially when they are all in German and you might only know „Gesundheit“, „Guten Tag“ and „Bier“.

On this website I am showing you the best options that are out there and I explain mobile numbers, how to find the right carrier and how to order on their websites. Everything that I recommend to you is a personal advise – something that I really think is the best option. This is a non-profit project of mine and every time someone finds their mobile plan over my site, I am getting a small expense allowance from the mobile carrier, which helps me pay for website hosting and picture licenses. The price for you stays the same as anywhere else, don’t worry. Besides, this does not influence my recommendations to you and in the end it is you who needs to make a decision. And with making it on my website you are supporting me to keep running this service.

In addition to showing you the ideal and best value phone plans (prepaid and postpaid), I will be happy to assist you with your personal inquiry: You can write me an email anytime and I will try to respond as soon as possible.

All the best,



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