In Germany, o2 is definitely one of the most popular mobile network providers and also one of the most affordable. The network coverage is pretty good in major cities and for other areas you should check the coverage map before deciding on any plan. Below we provided an overview of o2’s current plans so that you can compare them and figure out which one would suit your needs best. If you rather have an overview of all carriers, see our data plan overview, which also includes other major carriers. You should also look at our collection of current promotions that will give you major savings.

Overview: O2 Germany mobile phone plans

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)Included Extras€ Price / monthPlan TypeWhere to Order
O2O2 Free UnlimitedunlimitedUnlimited calls and texts59.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free L with Boost60Unlimited calls and texts44.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free L30Unlimited calls and texts39.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free M with Boost20Unlimited calls and texts34.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free M10Unlimited calls and texts29.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 Free S1Unlimited calls and texts19.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid L5Unlimited calls and texts24.99PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid M3Unlimited calls and texts14.99PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid S1.5Unlimited calls and texts9.99PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid Basic0.159 Cents / minute or SMS1.99PrepaidOrder here
O2O2 my Prepaid 9 Cent09 Cents / minute or SMS0.00PrepaidOrder here

Essentially, o2 offers two types of SIM cards: Prepaid and Postpaid.

Prepaid is very flexible, as you only buy credit for your SIM card whenever you need it. However, you also do not get as much data as you could with a postpaid plan.

You can buy more o2 credit online or in a German supermarket, gas station or other shops.

Check your o2 balance by typing the following code and press the call button: *101#

Postpaid is usually a 24-month contract, which means you need to commit to o2 for 2 years and you can only cancel your contract if you leave Germany to permanently live in a different country. Therefore, postpaid is a little less flexible, but usually also gives you more for your money. Sometimes, you can select a “flex-option”, which means that you can cancel your contract every month, but in turn you have to pay a higher monthly fee (usually 5€ more per month).

o2 Germany also offers a free bank account with a special perk: For every Euro you spent with your Mastercard, you get 1 MB bonus data that you can redeem with your o2 contract. Find out more about this offer here.

If you just need mobile data for your tablet or laptop, you can look into the o2 my Data plans. These SIM cards you can use for your tablet or computer (by using a surf stick), without using your smartphone data. Below you can see an overview of the different plans.

o2 Germany: Data-only Plans (e.g. for tablets or surf-sticks)

ProviderNameHighspeed Data (in GB)€ Price / monthPlan TypeWhere to Order
O2O2 my Data L2029.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Data M1019.99PostpaidOrder here
O2O2 my Data S19.99PostpaidOrder here
A collection of o2's data-only plans, which can be used with tablets or computers (with surf-stick).

14 Responses

  1. Antoniadis Theocharis

    Good afternoon, I am in Greece for vacation and I have forgotten my pin number. Can you please tell me how can I retrieve it or change it because my phone cannot work now?

  2. Onyeyemzi Samuel

    Pls,does o2 works in all the cities in Germany???i live in Prenzlau in Brandenburg,so I want to know if it works there.Thanks

  3. Dragana


    How to check my postpaid balance with USSD code while I’m in roaming?
    Check your o2 balance by typing the following code and press the call button: *101# – this one doesn’t work for postpaid.
    I want to see if I have additional charges except my plan.


  4. Ujjwal Thakur

    I have O2 sim card of Germany. Currently, I am in India, and I need to do some urgent calls to Germany with my O2 sim number. Could you please suggest the call plans which will make it work?
    I need urgent help!

  5. Vetinari

    I would like to ask, whether you can freely swap back on a cheaper prepaid plan for the upcoming months, in case you once needed more available data for one month but no longer require it for the future.
    Let me set an example from real life:
    1. My girlfriend bought an “O2 my Prepaid M” plan for March, but she might need to upgrade to “O2 my Prepaid L” soon, because she uses her phone a lot and requires more available data for this month.
    2. After she switches to the “L” plan, would she be able to switch back on “M” plan for the next month? If yes, will that be as easy to do for her by herself as upgrading from “M” to “L”? Or she will need to contact some responsible person?

  6. George Roberts

    What numbers (other than the phone number, of course) or wording are required to send a text message to an o2 subscriber?

  7. Goodluck Anthony

    I realised that I was charged about 29 Euros for my postpaid in November. But in December I was charged 45 Euros for the same postpaid. Please what could be the reason for this?
    How can I use the services of O2 so I can pay less as just like it happened in the November services.
    Thank you

  8. Adrian Ukachuku

    i am a new customer of o2 i would like to know, how i can be recharging my prepaid every month and how to check my balance.

  9. Antonia

    I have sam question..
    We wants to buy Samsung galaxi S9+,and have we get tablet for free?
    And for how many days is this promotion.
    We wants to use a prepaid 24 month..and gets a 20giga whole month..and free calls for Croatia country
    Please tell us a price for this
    Thank you

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