When calling the service numbers of Vodafone, O2, Congstar or Telekom, the voice menu is always in German. You can change the language to English by following these steps:

Telekom Mobilbox

Call 33 11 and press “3” (change settings). Then press “4” (change more settings) and select “1” for English or German.

Vodafone CallYa

Call 22 9 22 and press “3” (tariff announcement). Then press “5” (change language) and select “2” for English.

This language change affects the menu language for 22 9 22 (account server), 22 0 44 (tariff manager) and 0172 / 229 0 229 (CallYa Team).

For CallYa Digital customers, reach out via WhatsApp: 0172 200 02 29

O2 Mailbox

Call 333 and press “9” (configuration). Then press “5” to select German or English.

9 Responses

  1. Bill

    In Germany on O2 as soon as the phone answers after dialing 333 hit * then 9 then 5. If you don’t hit * after it answers it will take you right to your voicemail.

  2. Anna Therese Guzman

    I bought my vodafone in nice, italy..can you help me to change my italian language menu to english?

  3. David

    sorry I been trying to change my phone to english. I did 22922 3 5 1. but still in german. do you dial all the numbers together or do you wait for the message to stop.


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    José Carlos

  5. Eric

    i am using CallYa, tried to call 22922 and then option 3/5/2 but seems not working as expected.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Are you calling from Germany or from a different country?
      When calling from Germany, try 22922 and then press “4” and select “1” for German and “2” for English

    • Rose

      I just did it, by dialling 22922 from my phone then 3 then 5 but then 1 NOT 2 and it changed to English.

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