Once you received your personal SIM card of the provider of your choice, you can buy credit for your phone number. You don’t need credit if you just need to be called by other people, you can even use the SIM card with 0.00€ credit. However, if you want to activate a certain plan, you will have to top up your SIM card first.
You can either buy credit in any German supermarket, at gas stations or at the mobile phone provider stores, or you can buy the credit online.
Buying the credit online is particularly convenient if you need to start using your phone right after your arrival.

Here are the links for the providers’ online credit store:

Vodafone: Click here for a tutorial on how to buy credit for Vodafone

O2: Official (Registration necessary)

Congstar: Buy credit online

Telekom: Buy credit online 

8 Responses

  1. Brenda

    I have bought ALDI TALK SIM card and I want to purchase data bundles direct from my KCB Bank account opened in Kenya for euros currency. I have realized the process is unsuccessful and I don’t know why. Am kindly in need of your assistance.

  2. ferdi

    hi i want to sell credits for prepaid phones in germany, what kind of system do i need to be able to sell credits in a kiosk?

  3. Arash

    Hi can you help me? I have one question, I had one of the ALDI TALK SIM and I don’t charge this number for I think 16 month after that my number is disabled but I need this number can I active this number again or no? if i can do this, tell me how? because i need this number….. i wait your answer thanks.

  4. Nada

    I have bought credit from Aldi shop so that credit can i use it in o2 sim card?
    If not what can i do with the credit

    • MyGermanPhone

      If you bought ALDI TALK credit, you can only use it with an ALDI TALK SIM card. If you are using an O2 SIM card, you need to buy O2 credit, ALDI TALK credit won’t work even though they use the same mobile network.

  5. Matthew

    I have a German handy with a Congstar SIM card, which I last used in 2014-15. I’m going to Germany in one week. I tried adding credit from the U.S. via Prelado so that it would work when I arrive in Germany but it did not recognize my phone number. Has my SIM been deactivated? Has my number been deactivated? Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Yes, it has been deactivated. A SIM card that is not being used is only active for 15 months.
      You will need to get a new SIM card.

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