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While living in Germany, SimDiscount rate plans might be a cost-effective choice for your mobile phone use. The provider offers a variety of flat rates including phone calls to all German networks and high data volume for LTE internet. Another benefit is that many rate plans available at can do without a fixed contract term and are cancellable on a monthly basis.

Get The Most Out Of Your Monthly Plan

Stay flexible by choosing a monthly plan, which can be cancelled monthly. That is a good way to find out if the selected rate plan suits your needs. You can easily change the plan within the monthly cancellation policy. And these are the advantages of monthly plans with no minimum contract term:

  • You benefit from small prices for many services in return.
  • You are free to decide: Keep your contract or cancel it (monthly)!
  • You can respond to new bargains: Select a new rate plan or carrier (monthly)!

We would also like to give you some more specific tips on the varying data volume included in several mobile phone tariffs, so that you can make a good choice in the end.

All Net Flat Rates & LTE Internet – What Does Data Volume mean?

LTE speed data plans

SimDiscount is only one example of a provider that sticks to rate plans with a certain data volume for internet use. However, this kind of limitation should not be considered as disadvantage. You can easily review your monthly data usage with SimDiscount and that way define your needs.

Basically, you can choose between all net flat rate plans with 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB or 10 GB LTE internet. The respective data volume contained in the rate plan is available on a monthly basis. But that doesn’t mean that high-speed surfing (LTE) stops after the data volume is used up before the end of the month. You can rely on integrated data automatic as an additional service.

Here is how it works:

  • If your data volume is used up bevor the end of the month, it will be automatically increased.
  • This will be charged by an additional cost of maximum 6 Euro, defined by an automatic cost-stop.
  • In return, you can receive up to 300 MB LTE internet additionally per month. (3x 100 MB for 2 EUR per 100 MB = 6 EUR (3×2) a month)
  • You will be notified by SMS on every data volume upgrade.

If you are a frequent mobile internet user, you are better off with an all net flat rate offer including a higher data volume. At, you will for example find the ‘All Net Flat 3 GB’ for less than 8 EUR/month. And even a data volume of 10 GB monthly is affordable with the ‘All Net Flat 10 GB’ for less than 20 EUR/months, and even cheaper when you get the 24 months contract.

Allnet-Flat 3 GB LTE only 7.99 € / month.

Keep An Eye On Your Monthly Data Volume

High-speed surfing for sure is one of the details you won’t like to miss in your rate plan. Therefore, it is important to define what amount of data volume is regularly used. SimDiscount also supports you in that case:

  • Use the SimDiscount App to review your personal data usage.
  • You can also check your remaining data volume being logged in to the online customer service of SimDiscount. That is the place where you can easily manage your personal information, select and book additional options for your rate plan.

Why We Recommend SimDiscount

At you can conveniently make your choice for a new rate plan. By using the language switch, you get a lot of details on the rate plans in English and can compare them individually. UPDATE (July 2019): Unfortunately, SimDiscount discontinued their English website. From now on, the website is only available in German.

Once you know what to order, your new sim card is just a few clicks away. You only need to give your personal details in the online ordering form and review the details of your rate plan. The delivery of your new sim card is free of charge and normally reaches you within one or two business days after the receipt of your order.

If you are interested in any SimDiscount sim card, you can order here:

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