What’s the cheapest way to travel in Germany?

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Especially as a student, it is important to find affordable ways to travel Germany.
The German Train Company (Deutsche Bahn (DB)) is usually convenient, but a rather expensive choice.
Here are some alternatives that won’t strain your wallet as much:

Going by bus

There are two major bus companies in Germany, which developed a huge line network. If you are traveling from one of the major cities in Germany, they will definitely offer a bus ride from there.


Sharing a car ride

Another convenient way is also to share a ride with a stranger: People will put online where they will go by car and are looking for people to join them for a small fee. Most of the Germans speak English, so it’s very well possible to arrange a shared ride without any German language knowledge.

One of the most popular (free) services for this is BlaBlaCar.

Taking the train

If you are in Germany for longer, a BahnCard might be a good investment (Save up to 11,50€ by buying it here). With a BahnCard you save 25% or 50% of the ticket price on a regular basis!

Have fun traveling!


Picture: wikipedia.org, Author: Lydia Berlin 01

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