What’s the cheapest way to travel in Germany?

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Especially as a student, it is important to find affordable ways to travel Germany.
The German Train Company (Deutsche Bahn (DB)) is usually convenient, but a rather expensive choice.
Here are some alternatives that won’t strain your wallet as much:

Going by bus

There is one major bus company in Germany, which developed a huge line network. If you are traveling from one of the major cities in Germany, they will definitely offer a bus ride from there.

Sharing a car ride

Another convenient way is also to share a ride with a stranger: People will put online where they will go by car and are looking for people to join them for a small fee. Most of the Germans speak English, so it’s very well possible to arrange a shared ride without any German language knowledge.

One of the most popular (free) services for this is BlaBlaCar.

Taking the train

Flixbus also offers extra cheap tickets for train rides with their brand called Flixtrain. If you are in Germany for longer, a BahnCard might be a good investment. With a BahnCard you save 25% or 50% of the ticket price on a regular basis!

Have fun traveling!

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