What To See In Germany

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Welcome to Germany!
As a student or tourist coming to Germany many exciting, historical, impressive or simply admirable places are waiting for you to be explored!

Germany offers many different landscapes, towns and food – a size of about 350.000 km2 and the 16 federal states present a great variety in local dialects and traditions.
From north to south you can travel about a 1000 km and from east to west about 700km. Germany is neighboring to nine other European countries!

Starting in the east of Germany, you can pay a visit to our multicultural and exciting capital city of Berlin. It offers a considerable variety of everything for everyone that it would not do justice to mention just a few…explore it yourself!

The North, from Hanover onwards, mainly is characterized by a big plain with many rolling fields and forests and cow and sheep pastures and orchards and the “Lüneburger Heide”, a fast moor and heather area. To the north-west we have got the cold and windy North Sea with its tides and to the north-east the more calm Baltic Sea.
After the large river Elbe passes the big harbor town of Hamburg in the north of Germany, it finally enters into the North Sea.
Hamburg is definitely worthwhile a visit – not only for its harbor, but as well for the lovely and generous scenery with very wealthy and big merchant’s houses around the “Binnen- and Aussenalster”, two lakes right in the city centre.
About 60 km south east of Hamburg you will find a precious gem of a town, Lüneburg, which is called the Venice of the North. Many channels nestle into and around the very beautiful and ancient old town with its small merchant houses.
And about 80 km west of Hamburg you can visit the city of Bremen with its impressive market place and town hall and the Schnoor Viertel, a part of the old town of the former fishermen and craftsmen.

Coming to the western part of Germany, the so called “Ruhrgebiet” borders to the Netherlands and consists of several big industrial cities, besides Düsseldorf more or less worthwhile a visit, along the river Rhine.
Recommendable would be a tour by train or pleasure boat along the Rhine from Cologne ( a “must” is to visit the cathedral there!) to Rüdesheim, a small touristy town in one of Germany’s wine areas. On the way you will pass many small lovely towns and old castles, nestled along the river or in the small and deep valleys.

Reaching the south western part of Germany – south of Frankfurt – you shouldn’t miss Heidelberg, the old pretty university town on the Neckar.
Then the Black Forest area begins – lovely scenery, mainly fir trees (that is why it’s called “Black Forest”), some lakes and lovely small towns and finally Freiburg, another very pretty university town. From there you can even quickly do a day tour to Colmar, a most picturesque town in the Elsass in France.

South east of Frankfurt, traveling to Bavaria, there are so many towns and places worth a visit: Würzburg, Augsburg, Rothenburg o.d.Tauber and Munich and down South in Bavaria, on the feet of the Alpes, famous castle “Neuschwanstein”, Bad Tölz and many more small villages and lakes.

Deutsche Bahn IC
German Intercity (IC) Train

Traveling around, of course there are so many possibilities how to get from one place to the next.
Renting a car (sixt, avis, etc.), going by train (DB) or coach (Mein Fernbus/ Flixbus) or even by plane. Germany offers a dense network of connections. And everything is easily booked via Internet. If you are in Germany for longer, a BahnCard might be a good investment (Save up to 11,50€ by buying it here). With a BahnCard you save 25% or 50% of the ticket price on a regular basis!

Naturally you will need an inexpensive way of working your mobile phone in Germany to get access to all information about your next travel destination via mobile phone.
On this website we provide you with some easy to get possibilities of short term contracts or prepaid cards – depending on the length of your stay!

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