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Steuererklärung Germany

German tax reports are not easy. As a matter of fact, even most Germans don’t understand the German tax system and how to fill out all the forms. So how do you know what the “Finanzamt” needs from you? All the forms are in German and if you are married and have children, it gets even more complicated. What is Werbekostenpauschalbetrag? What is the Kinderfreibetrag and Ehegattensplitting? If you have heard these terms, you have probably done some research on German tax terms.

The good news is that there is a new tax service called Germantaxes, which is completely in English and can help you fill out the forms and also send it to the Finanzamt directly. And with the help of our friends at, we are able to provide you with a 5€ discount! Just follow the following link to claim the 5€ voucher: Germantaxes with My German Phone. We think this is a great help for anyone working in Germany with limited knowledge of the German language. Post a comment below, if you have any further questions!

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