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  1. Albi

    Will you provide unlimited data for the month. I am a truck driver so I need unlimited data for all day, which package is better for me?

  2. Snehal shukla

    I recently shift to Vodaphone . I frequently call to India. So I am looking for some package for unlimited calling from Germany to India. Kindly help me.

  3. Swapan Basu

    Will you please refer to your call ya smart phone allen flat scheme of Euro 22.5/pM. Will you kindly let me know the following
    Is it Unlimited call /SMS in all networks in Germany?
    4GB is high speed data (speed?) per day for whole month?
    If I charge in the middle of the month then next month same day will be my recharging time?
    Is there any scheme from where I can call international call (say to India free/ @ very low rate)?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Yes, it is unlimited calls in Germany to all networks. It will be 4GB data for the month with 4G speed every day. Once you start your plan, you will have exactly 4 weeks to use it and recharge again. Vodafone is not very cheap to use for calls to India, you should use Google Voice instead or Skype.

  4. Sonal Chaubey

    Is there options of family plan? Where say 2 sims (different phone numbers) can share data and talktime and be under one plan at a discounted rate than having two different plans.
    I am looking for 1-2GB shared data and flexible with other options in the plan.
    Thank you

  5. siva


    I am using a Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special tariff. I am travelling to the USA next week, for 15 days. I am wondering about the roaming options/tariff. I will be making few calls every day (Inside USA, Germany, and India). I will be travelling mostly in big cities, and but not all places where I stay will have WiFi (to make whatsapp/skype calls to Germany and India). And, I prefer to have mobile data connection, you know for Uber, maps, etc.

    Could you please advice on a suitable roaming tariff, if any? Or is the easiest option is to get a local sim card in the USA? What would you suggest?

    Thanks much.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi, unfortunately Vodafone Prepaid does not offer any roaming tariffs for USA, the easiest and cheapest would be to get a local sim card.

  6. Eben

    I’ve got credit on a prepaid Vodafone Sim but don’t know how to use it?

  7. Meet

    I have ordered an O2 free sim card online how do i get it registered if i dont get it activated?

  8. Casey

    What plan is best for iphone SE unblocked from Chile? We are in Berlin and traveling overland thru Czech Rep, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia to Russia, one month. Thanks!

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