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The Smart S plan by Congstar, the young brand by T-Mobile, is a good choice for people who don’t use their phone too often. Internet data is unlimited, but you get only 100 MB with full speed, which is very little. After that, surfing will be extremely slow. However, messaging (like WhatsApp or iMessage) will still work. It is possible to purchase the “SpeedOn” option for 4,90€, which will give you another 100 MB of full speed data.

It is a postpaid plan, which means that a German bank account is necessary to get this contract.

It can either be ordered as a 2-year-contract (no provision fee) or as a monthly cancelable contract (25€ provision fee). We recommend to pay 25€ more and be more flexible with a monthly contract.

Congstar is part of the D1-network (same as T-Mobile), which is one of the best networks in Germany with very reliable reception.

Get It Here

  • Monthly Fee: 6.99€
  • Free Minutes / SMS: 50 each
  • High Speed Data: 100 MB
  • Order Fee: free (or 25€ if monthly cancelable)

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