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  1. Santosh Bhosle

    I cannot download meinvodafone app on my mobile phone. I have Germany simcard but I am on roaming in Europe and my phone is registered in India. Please suggest. Danke

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Santosh, the issue is probably that your App Account (e.g. Apple App Store or Google Play) is registered in a different country. You need to have an account for the German App Store to have access to the German Vodafone App.

  2. Syed Shahnam

    dear i want buy sim but i want one number
    book to my Choice. Can this possible

  3. Masha

    I get this message and the number does not seem working. What should I do?

    CallYa Smartphone Special: The base fee of 9.99 Euro could not be deducted. Please top up your account by calling 22922. Kind regards, your CallYa-team

  4. Ulrike Kargus

    Hi. I have a vodofone Callya simcard with 2 gb and 200 min/sms, for 10 euros per month.. But when I try to call someone, it says that I don’t have enough credits on my account. I have 0.01 credits, but I haven’t used up my minutes. I have not used up my 2 gb. What is the problem? Why can’t I make calls? Also how may I check my usage? Does this plan still include free euro roaming?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hello Ulrike,
      are you trying to call someone with a German phone number? Or someone with a foreign phone number?

  5. Mekonnen, Kebur Baye

    I have a prepaid Vodafone sim card. I have been charging it €15 for a month for both calling and internet. I usually buy it in Rewe or recharge it via my mobile banking. Are there any other discount offers?
    I tried to recharge it with those call ya offers, €4.99, €9.99, etc online but I couldn’t.

  6. Andrew Pugh

    Help I have bought the 9.99 Callya talk & sms but cannot get the code to activate it, keeps saying too many codes have been sent,
    whats wrong?
    I hav changed the sm from uK to DE and changed the country code as well so shouldn’t be an issue

  7. Ri

    MeinVodafone App is not available for prepaid Sim card users. Also, CallYa App is not allowing you to change tariff, I’m with CallYa Flex and want to change to CallYa Talk&SMS but I can’t, because you only can add DayFlat 10GB or Vodafone Flat. .
    I called 22044/22922 and guess what, it kept repeating the same thing, didn’t give the option for tariff change, it didn’t matter you done it in German or English. I kept going. Called the 0800 4440643000 customer service number, where it first seemed I will finally get what I need, but they kept me waiting for 22 minutes to do the tariff change and in the end they said that it’s done and I will get an SMS/text for the next 24hrs about my tariff change. I’m still waiting…
    This is the biggest disappointment I ever had with Vodafone after being their customer over 15years in 3 different country. I have to say that in Germany is the most difficult to change tariff on a prepaid Sim card. All the other 2 EU country you can send an SMS/text with the word and they reply back straight away or call a free number and gives you the tariff change option.


    All I want is to keep the number, but it seems like it is easier to get a new prepaid sim card.

  8. Kamran Kerimov

    Hi. I have a vodofone Callya simkart with 2 gb and 200 min/sms. But when I try to call someone, it says that I don’t have enough credits on my account. I have 0.01 credits, but I haven’t used up my minutes. What is the problem? Why can’t I make calls?

  9. Layan


    I was in germany 2 years ago. I asked for a sim card for only one month since I will leave germany after that and they let me buy callyay. Now that im going back to germany to study again I am worried that I may have unpaid bills because i thought it was for one month. Is that right? And what can i do in this case?

  10. mico

    hello.what is minimum balance ?–>for calling in EU (but outside of DE)

  11. William

    Hello – how to add internet load when in a different EU country? The number I use in Germany 70888 does not work!! Vodafone

    Any help appreciated


    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi William, you will need to use the MeinVodafone app or the Vodafone website (you might have to register for an account with your number first)

  12. Mathias


    I need a Sim card which can be active and receive calls and SMS without any charges. I have three questions regarding this connection:
    1) If I acquire this SIM and keep it active, what is the minimum number of months i need to recharge in other to keep my number active or can I keep using it without any balance and without making any outgoing calls/sms/internet INDEFINITELY?
    2) In this active, but no-balance state, would this phone keep on receiving incoming calls/SMS in any other European Union country than Germany?
    3) When I need, can I port this same number into a favorable postpaid/prepaid connection of any provider in Germany?

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Mathias,
      if you don’t use your sim card for a longer time, Vodafone can cancel it and will send you a notification SMS 30 days before they cancel it. If you want to keep using it, just top up 15 Euro and it will stay active for another 9 months (even if you use up all the credit in the first month). If you top up 25 Euro or 50 Euro, it will stay active for another 15 months.
      2: Yes, you can receive calls and SMS in that case
      3: Yes you can, have a look here (Link)

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