First of all, to check how much credit you have left on your sim card, type *100# into your phone and press call. Or call 22 9 22 (free of charge).

To check how much data and credit you have left, you can also download the “MeinVodafone”-App from the AppStore.

In case you have already bought a cash voucher (CallNow cards), you need to enter the code in order to transfer the credit onto your SIM card. Just press these buttons: * 100 * [your voucher code] # and press “dial”.

If you want to go the more convenient way and purchase credit online, continue reading or watch our video:

To put any amount into your SIM card, you need to go to, and move your cursor to “Mobilfunk”, and then click on “CallYa-Karte aufladen” and then on “Jetzt aufladen” or “Direkt-Aufladung”.
Vodafone credit
Once you are there, click on the amount you want to buy (5€, 15€, 25€ or 50€) (“Ich lad jetzt auf”).
select credit amount
You will get to a page where you will be able to type in your Vodafone phone number that you can see on the card that I sent you. Insert your phone number into the field “Auf dieses CallYa-Konto aufladen”:
insert number
On the next page you will be asked to provide your email address for your order confirmation, which you will receive once you completed the order process.
email for order confirmation
You will get to the next page where you can select the payment option. You can choose between credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express), Paypal or Sofortüberweisung (a German payment service that you can use if you have German online banking).
credit card PayPal sofortüberweisung
Click on the method you want to use. If you don’t have a German bank account, you should choose Paypal or credit card. I will show you the example for Paypal. You will get to the final step, which looks like this:
pay with PayPal
When everything is correct, click on “Ich bestelle verbindlich” and – in this case – you will be directed to the PayPal page where you can finish the process (or your credit card will be charged). Once you finished the process, you will see the confirmation screen:
Vodafone callya credit
The credit will be put on your SIM card and you can use it within minutes. I would recommend putting in the SIM card in Germany, as some costs might incur when you are in a foreign country. You should also receive a confirmation SMS and a confirmation email.

49 Responses

  1. NIDHI

    I topped up my CallYa card with 15€ but when I checked immediately after my CallYa balance says only 5,79€. I received an sms which saysCallYa Allnet Flat S:Den Baispreis von 9.99 Euro haben wir abgebuct. freundliche grusse Dein Vodafone team

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Nidhi, this is because your CallYa Allnet Flat S plan is still active. This means that whenever you top up your prepaid SIM card, it will automatically start the Allnet Flat S plan again. If you don’t want this to happen, you need to deactivate the plan before you top up your SIM card.

  2. Samiullah

    I have top up my sim for 25€ i do not know how to buy mobile data

  3. Daphne


    Can I check if I would like to have my data topped up instead of the credit top-up, what should I do?

    Looking forward to your reply!

  4. Lakshman Kumar

    I have done a top up of 15EUR through PayPal. I see only 14.72EUR in MeinVodafone app. I could not understand why its not showing 15EUR in full. Please help.

  5. Allison Adams

    Can you help please. I wish to cancel the auto top up from my bank account, but cannot work out how to do it.

  6. William

    Hi, thanks for the info. I am currently using Vodafone CallYa Allnet Flat L and currently nearing the end of the first 4 weeks. Do I top up normally as instructed here? And can I change to a lower plan like CallYa Allnet Flat S or CallYa Start? Thank you

  7. Kathy Gates

    Thank you for this — I’ve been using but decided to try directly with Vodafone — couldn’t have managed it without your step by step vid.

  8. Rosemarie

    I bought minutes at lidl but all i have is a receipt. Now what!

    • MyGermanPhone

      Please read the instructions on your receipt carefully. They explain how to top up the SIM card step by step.

  9. Osman Husein

    First of all my name is Osman
    I want a credit for my Vodafone
    Sim card for ten euro

  10. Brit

    Thank you! But now that I have purchased credit for my phone, I’d like to see all the ways I can top up my data. For example, I know if I text “day” to vodafone, it is 10GB for 1 day for 4.99 Euros. How do I see what the other data options are? I cannot find them online and would like to use my credit to get more data for 7 more days. Thank you!

  11. Sonya

    What do these credits get you? I accidently recharged with 15€ instead of my plan and I don’t know what it offers in terms of data and minutes. My app doesn’t provide info it seems.

    • MyGermanPhone

      If you don’t need the 15€ this month, you can just use them for the next month for your regular monthly fee.

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