First of all, to check how much credit you have left on your sim card, type *100# into your phone and press call. Or call 22 9 22 (free of charge).

To check how much data and credit you have left, you can also download the “MeinVodafone”-App from the AppStore.

In case you have already bought a cash voucher (CallNow cards), you need to enter the code in order to transfer the credit onto your SIM card. Just press these buttons: * 100 * [your voucher code] # and press “dial”.

If you want to go the more convenient way and purchase credit online, continue reading or watch our video:

To put any amount into your SIM card, you need to go to, and move your cursor to “Mobilfunk”, and then click on “CallYa-Karte aufladen” and then on “Jetzt aufladen” or “Direkt-Aufladung”.
Vodafone credit
Once you are there, click on the amount you want to buy (5€, 15€, 25€ or 50€) (“Ich lad jetzt auf”).
select credit amount
You will get to a page where you will be able to type in your Vodafone phone number that you can see on the card that I sent you. Insert your phone number into the field “Auf dieses CallYa-Konto aufladen”:
insert number
On the next page you will be asked to provide your email address for your order confirmation, which you will receive once you completed the order process.
email for order confirmation
You will get to the next page where you can select the payment option. You can choose between credit card (VISA, Mastercard or American Express), Paypal or Sofortüberweisung (a German payment service that you can use if you have German online banking).
credit card PayPal sofortüberweisung
Click on the method you want to use. If you don’t have a German bank account, you should choose Paypal or credit card. I will show you the example for Paypal. You will get to the final step, which looks like this:
pay with PayPal
When everything is correct, click on “Ich bestelle verbindlich” and – in this case – you will be directed to the PayPal page where you can finish the process (or your credit card will be charged). Once you finished the process, you will see the confirmation screen:
Vodafone callya credit
The credit will be put on your SIM card and you can use it within minutes. I would recommend putting in the SIM card in Germany, as some costs might incur when you are in a foreign country. You should also receive a confirmation SMS and a confirmation email.

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  1. Missy

    Thank you for this! I got a new iphone and can no longer download the MeinVodafone app because my apple account is US and it will not let me download this version. I used to use the app to add credit via vouchers purchased at Aldi. So I purchased a voucher but could not figure out how to apply it to my phone number. The *100 method worked perfectly!

  2. Thomas

    I loaded 15€ to my Vodafone account and paid through PayPal but it is still not showing anything and neither have I received any mail from Vodafone

  3. Manuel Mercado


    I buy a Callme Special with 2GB, but since the init my navigation in Internet in very slow.
    I had 5.01 of credit, but for try and buy MB from package offer for you, and the speed was better, but these ends.
    Now, I have 1.73 of credit.
    Please explain me for what my speed is very very slow.

    Thank you

  4. Jack

    Thanks for the tutorial. I followed the instructions and topped off my credit, but the money stays in the credit section. When I go to My Tariff it shows my 9.99 plan is about to finish. When I press the jetzt aufladen, it takes me to the credit section to pay again. How can I use the money that exist in my account already?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Jack, “Jetzt aufladen” means “Top up now”. Your tariff for 9.99/month will renew itself automatically if you have sufficient credit on your SIM card.

  5. Arslan Mujahid

    I ordered new “CallYa Flex with 500 MB of data” Vodafone sim. They was mentioned that if I order new Vodafone sim then Vodafone give me 25 € credit. But still I have 0.01 € 🙁 credit. anyone tell me how I can get 25 € credit?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Arslan, Vodafone will only give you 25€ credit if you take your old phone number with you to the new Vodafone SIM card, see here. You will not receive any free credit otherwise.

  6. Gareth

    Hello there! Thanks so much for making this post. I’m sure you e saved countless people headaches. I bought my CallYa SIM card from Saturn and it has the Mobilcom Debitel thing. I registered on their website but the6 won’t let me pay by credit card. I’m wondering if there’s a way to switch from this enraging Mobilcom to just Vodafone so that I can add credits without having a German bank account. Please help. I tried this method you had above and it said there was an error and it’s couldn’t be processed. Thank you!

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Gareth! You cannot “convert” mobilcom to Vodafone, because they are two separate companies. The easiest way would be to get a new Vodafone SIM card. If you want to keep your number, you will need to select that you want to bring your old number to CallYa. But beforehand, you need to request portability of your number (MNP) “Rufnummermitnahme” from mobilcom. If you have done that, just provide your old phone number when ordering a new Vodafone SIM (“Rufnummer mitnehmen”).

  7. chun li


    I have 4.73 Euros as my balance. How do I add ~0.30 Euros onto my card?
    I’m on the 9.99 plan and will be for another 3 months. Because this amount if uneven the 4.73 is essentially “lost” unless I can add another 30 cents or use it on something I don’t need.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hello! The smallest amount you can add to your SIM card is 5.00€. You can use any uneven amount for extra calls, minutes or data.

  8. Daniela Martin

    Hi! I bought a Vodafone SIM Card at Mobilcom Debitel and now I am confused. I’ve never been able to access the internet, I only have access to phonecalls and SMS.

    Today I went to and clicked the €2.99/4 weeks tariff. Suddenly I have internet… my question is, how are they charging me for this? I haven’t provided any credit/debit card information to Vodafone.

    Do you recommend that I go and ask directly at Mobilcom? They’re the only ones that have my debit card information.

    Thank you!

  9. Jia-Wen Chang

    I have purchased callya smartphone special at local vodafone store, and have paid for 10EUR for the sim card, and 15 EUR for the credit for my simcard. The gentlemen at vodafone store has given me an aufladenummer(15 digit) for the callnow evoucher, and asked me to call to that number to get my credit loaded to my card. I was told it will take roughly 1 or 2 days before I can use. 2 days already passed but everytime i called the number the operator says “cant connect me yet”. I have left germany now heading to Italy, wonder how can i get my 15 EUR credit so that i can start purchasing my internet data…Thank you for your help..

  10. Marco

    I made a recharge following the steps you posted but the internet is still not working. I paid for the 25€ option. Did I just pay for call/SMS?? I’m so confused.


    • MyGermanPhone

      That depends which plan you ordered. If you ordered the Smartphone Special, the internet should be activated automatically.

    • Ekber

      I have the same problem. And I am not even sure which option/plan we choose while following above steps. Is there a way to check what kind of plan we have?

  11. Justin

    I base in Germany and I use Vodafone SIM, the 750MB I bought last week Tuesday has run out, my browsing is too slow and disgusting, please I urgently need to top up another MB through online now, please how can I top up my phone data and continue what am doing.
    Thanks as I look forward to see your reply.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Justin, this is how you book extra internet:

    • Extra Internet Options: 300 MB – 2.99€, 700 MB – 5.99€, 1.5 GB – 9.99€, 3 GB – 19.99€, 4 GB – 29.99€ (send text message with “300 MB”, “700 MB”, “1,5 GB” [use a comma], “3 GB”, or “4 GB” to 70888 to book the option)
  12. Jules


    I just move in Germany a week ago and I just had a sim card loaded on my cell phone and the minutes runs out. I need to know how can I load some minutes so I am able to use my cell phone to call out and receive phone calls.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Sure, you can book additional minutes as follows:

    • Calling & Texting: 100 units – 4.99€, 500 units – 9.99€ (send text message with “100” or “500” to 70888 to book the option)
  13. Harsono

    Hello !
    How do I check the remaining data plan on my mobile number ? I will be inGermany for 3 weeks and I will need about 3 GB data, what is the best plan ? Thank you

  14. Aya

    Do you know how much data these cards contain? Do they even have data included? How does one top up data if they purchase CallYa special plan and once prepaid 750MB runs out?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Yes, you can book these options on top of your regular plan:

        Internet options: 250 MB – 4.99€, 750 MB – 9.99€, 2 GB – 19.99€

      Send a text message “250 MB”, “750 MB” or “2 GB” to 70888 to book the option.

    • Timothy Jacobs

      Hey, I was able to do this once, but I ran out of data before the month ended. If I try texting again, it says that I’ve already booked that option. Is there a way to purchase more data within the same month?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Timothy, yes, you can choose from the following internet options: 250 MB – 4.99€, 750 MB – 9.99€, 2 GB – 19.99€
      (send text message with “250 MB”, “750 MB” or “2 GB” to 70888 to book the option)

  15. Marcelo

    Thank you for the tutorial! It really helps a lot!!. I’m in Poland travelling to Lithuania. I was able to add credit to my Vodafone account but I was unable to “reload” my account. I tried to send an SMS to 7088 but it doesn’t work. What can I do?. I checked the balance an I see the amount added.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Marcelo! First of all, the correct number to book your options with Vodafone is 70888. (Three times “8”, not two)
      You can also book your options over the internet by logging into your Vodafone account, or via the “Mein CallYa”-App, or via . See explanations here (in German):
      When abroad, only the methods over the internet might work.

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