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  1. LK

    I have left the country so I can’t use the app to cancel my Callya Prepaid SIM card. Who can I email to cancel this?

  2. Ted

    Hi there. I’m in lithuania. A friend from Germany sent me Callya smartphone international with 2,5 GB net. The cost was 14.99. I went through webid and the card was activated. Created a profile in the website, where the ballance shown was eur 0.1 with expiry in 30 days. Tariff says I have 200 min/sms in Germany as well as EU and Turkey roaming including internet. Unfortunately my sim says it is registered in the network, but have no signal at all, emergency cals only. What should I do? Should I top it off to make it work? Can’t make a call to customer service since no network available.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Ted, activation of your SIM card may take up to 24 hours. Also, make sure that you activate roaming on your phone and that you actually activated the plan and topped up your phone with enough credit. If it still does not work, reach out to customer service via email.

  3. Maggie

    I have no problem calling and texting on my CallYa plan, but I am not able to use Facebook, Instagram or Chrome. Did I buy the wrong pre-pay plan?

  4. Nicole

    Hi there

    I tried loading new credit on to my CallYa prepaid sim card on the app but it keeps telling me there’s a problem.
    Now the 4 weeks is up and I continue to have issues loading credit.
    Is there a way around it or do I just have to go and buy credit in store?

  5. Sipa valentin

    Salut am cumparat o cartela sim cum o activez daca vreau sa o activez online imi zice ca nr dupa cartela nu este vorect

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