1. Select your plan
  2. Proceed to the detail page
  3. Add your plan to the cart
  4. Fill out the address form
  5. Landing on the success page
  6. Confirmation Email
  7. Activation of your sim card

1. Go to the overview page of the carrier (→ Link):


Select the right O2 phone plan

Select the plan you want and click the button on the right “Zum Tarif”

2. You will get to the detail page:

Click the red button “Kostenlos bestellen”. Order a free O2 sim card

3. You will be directed to the order process:

German sim card order with O2

You can change your selection to the “Smart 300” plan by checking the box “Aktions-Tarif Smart 300”.

Proceed by clicking the red button “Weiter mit dieser Auswahl”.

4. You will be directed to the second step of the order process.

Here you will have to enter your personal details, such as name, address and your date of birth.

fill out form to order free sim card

Your name must be on your mailbox at your flat, otherwise it is possible that O2 cannot deliver your SIM card. Furthermore, you have to be 16 years old or older to be able to order your SIM card. You have to provide your real name and birth date, because you will have to activate the sim card with your passport once you receive it in the mail.


Anrede – Title. Options: Herr – Mr., Frau – Ms.

Vorname – First Name

Nachname – Last Name

Straße, Hausnummer – Street, House Number

PLZ, Ort – ZIP Code (Postal Code), City

Vorwahl, Rufnummer – Prefix and phone number

E-Mail Adresse – Email Address (provide your real e-mail address, because you will need to confirm your order by clicking on a link in a confirmation mail)

Geburtsdatum – Date of Birth

O2 check box

Die Bestimmungen zum Widerrufsrecht und die AGB habe ich gelesen, ausgedruckt und erkläre mich mit ihnen einverstanden. – I have read the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy, I have printed them and I agree with them.

Kostenloser Einzelverbindungsnachweis für meine Guthabenverbrauchsübersicht. – Free monthly overview of my calls. (The numbers you call will be saved for this report)

You need a German address here, otherwise the SIM card cannot be shipped to you. If you don’t have a German address, click here and we will be happy to help you out!

You need to enter valid information into all fields. When you are done, click the red button “Jetzt kostenlos bestellen”. This will send all data to O2 and you successfully ordered your SIM card. O2 bestellung

5. You will be taken to the success page

You should see this screen now:

Order confirmation


The shipping process will take around 2-3 working days.

6. You will also get an email, which will look like this:

In this e-mail, you need to click the button “Jetzt Bestellung abschließen” to confirm and finalise your order.

confirm sim card in email

Once you confirmed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with all cost of the order.

“Kosten für 4 Wochen” is the monthly cost for each month after you start using the SIM card.

“Versandkosten” is shipping cost.

“Anschlusspreis” is installation cost.

monthly costs


7. Activation of your sim card

After 2-3 working days, you will have received your new O2 sim card by mail. In that letter, O2 will tell you to go to o2.de/freischalten to activate your sim card and identify yourself. You will be redirected to this page and you can select “English” on the top right:

If you need to modify your contact data, you can do that here. Note that the contact data that you provided when ordering the sim card needs to be exactly the same as in your passport or ID.

You can identify yourself online (via Video-Chat) or offline (Post-Ident). We recommend to use the video chat option, because it is a lot faster and easier. If you don’t have a webcam, you need to use the Post-Ident option.

WebID or Post-Ident

You will be directed to the online identification service. Just follow the provided instructions.

In case you get an error message that something went wrong, you can also call the O2 registration hotline: 0800 55 22 26 6 (free of charge)

Screenshots taken on 27th of December 2017. Changes could be possible.

33 Responses

  1. Addy rai

    Hello I order SIM card and mobile phone with contract. I received SIM card within 2 days. So I want to ask how long should I wait to receive my mobile.

  2. Ismail


    Thanks for explanation,

    I am about to purchase O2 prepaid SIM-Karte but i don’t understand this point (Vorwahl, Rufnummer – Prefix and phone number), I don’t have a cell phone cause i am new here. how can i proceed my order without that detail ?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Ismail, You can provide any number (make one up), no one will call you under that number. Once you have your SIM card you can ask the customer support to change it again.

  3. Ashwin

    If i order a device along with O2 contract, how long will it take to deliver them usually in Germany?
    Also I ordered a sim only contract today but now have decided to take up a device along. Do i have to cancel this and re-order or ?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Ashwin, yes it would probably be easiest to just cancel it and order a different package again. Delivery usually takes 2-3 business days but it depends on the provider and how many devices they have in stock. Usually they will tell you an estimation on their website.

  4. Nikhil

    Hi, I have doubt. I have one the process of activating the sim and inserted the sim in mobile, but when I call the other person it says to put anlade rufnummber and after giving i/p it says not valid.

    What is the procedure after activation

  5. Gloria

    Hi, I am Indian living in Germany. I tried to activate my O2 sim via the video chat by showing my German visa as a proof. They don’t accept it, so what’s the valid ID proof that I can show?

  6. Sid

    Sir / Madam,

    Last time when I purchase a O2 prepaid sim card, the seller took a photo of my Resident permit. Is it normal or something else ?

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hello Sid, Yes that is normal. Providers are required to check the passport or residence permit before activating SIM cards.

  7. Vittoria


    I have a German address, but unfortunately I haven’t got it written in my ID card ( I am Italian, so there is my Italian address in the card). How can I do with the registration and activation process? The package I want is available online only.

    Thanks in advance

    • Adina

      Dear Vittoria, did you manage to get your sim activated in these circumstances – not having your German address in your passport/ID? If yes, how long did it take until your sim has been activated, since the moment you did the online identification? Thank you

  8. Ernesto

    I bought an O2 SIM with one month credit two years ago (back in August 2017), when I was in Germany on vacation.
    I intend to spend a few weeks on vacation again this year. Will I be able to reactivate that same O2 sim card after two years of no use and out of the grid?
    Or would I need to buy a new one nevertheless?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Ernesto

      To be clearer: I don’t reside in Germany and will be spending a few weeks on vacation there soon.

  9. John

    I am residing in Germany for the year and have ordered and activated my o2 SIM successfully.

    I would like to order an o2 SIM for my girlfriend as well, but we are meeting up in Italy before coming to Germany. Is it possible to active a German SIM via video-chat while in Italy?

    Many thanks!!

  10. Tom

    I purchased and used an 02 Loop M sim card while in Germany last week. Now that I am back in the USA, I was hoping to keep it active so I don’t have to get a new one when I travel – any hints? I seem to roam to T-Mobile and ATT when I have it in my phone here in the USA.

  11. Vinay S

    I purchased an O2 prepaid sim card from a shop in Berlin. The vendor initiated the activation process. But my new sim is still not active and I also haven’t received any confirmation message from O2. Is there anyway I can check if the sim activated or not?

  12. Anusha

    The part that asks for a phone number when ordering a new SIM – if this is the first German SIM I am ordering, how will I provide this? Or can I use my partner’s phone number?

    • MyGermanPhone

      This is just a contact number that they want you to provide and this can be any number you could be contacted at.

  13. Karthik

    Hi can you ship the sim to India. I can provide my passport copy and all the details required. Can you tell the process for it. Thanks

  14. Ali hosseini

    Is it possible to activate online with out passport??
    Or passport is compulsory???

    • MyGermanPhone

      Passport is compulsory. And every foreigner in Germany must have a passport anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

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