Free EU-Roaming with Vodafone Prepaid!

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UPDATE: Vodafone is no longer the only German carrier to provide free EU-roaming, O2 and Congstar also offer free roaming in EU countries. Find out more

Finally! As of now all Vodafone prepaid customers can use their selected plan not only in Germany, but also in all countries of the European Union (EU) for free! This means free EU-roaming and huge savings when traveling. Click here to view the list of countries that are part of the EU




Show list of included roaming countries and territories

Canary Islands
Cyprus (excluding North Cyprus)
Czech Republic
France (excluding Monaco)
French Guyana
Great Britain
Guadeloupe & Saint-Martin
La Réunion


This is big news, as Vodafone is currently the only mobile service provider in Germany to offer roaming for free. Before this policy change, customers had to pay high roaming fees to be able to use data, minutes or text messages in a foreign EU-country. This change is an amazing support for all tourists, who want to do a Europe trip!


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Now, when on the Vodafone CallYa Smartphone Special or CallYa Smartphone Allnet Flat plan, you can use everything that is included in your original plan in any EU-country for free. When you are using the CallYa Talk & SMS plan, you can benefit from free roaming for the data options.

All in all, this is a great policy change from Vodafone and we are excited to see which provider is going to follow Vodafone’s lead.

If you want to order one of the Vodafone CallYa sim cards for free, just have a look at the overview.

Get A Free SIM Card

O2 and Congstar also offer free EU-roaming since June 15, 2017!

If you have any further questions, try our customer support with instant responses via Facebook Messenger:


84 Responses

  1. Vicki Matthews

    I purchased 2 15€ callya periods in Germany telling your operator that I was travelling to the Black Sea through Serbia. I arrive in Serbia before the 2 nd callya period begins can l use this option in Serbia? If not how can l get a refund?

    • MyGermanPhone

      You should be able to use it in Serbia! There will be roaming charges, so it depends what you would like to use it for.

  2. Yahaya

    I bought a Vadofone SIM prepaid card in Hamburg Germany on 29 June 2019 for (plan 2G and 30 days).
    On 12 July 2019 my 2G credit finishes.
    Today 13 July I bought a Ricarica Vodafone 16 digit reload card in Milan Italy and try to relod the 16 digit but was not able to.
    Pl advice

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi. I am now in Giessen and will travel soon to Paris for 1 week visit. Can pls advise how to get a roaming Sim card in Paris? I won’t be needing Calls but Whatsapp is very important for me.

  4. Twinkle Gondaliya

    Hi, I have Vodafone germany sim card. I am traveling to UK Nd Iceland. Will my card work in UK Nd Iceland? Which offer is best for me for internet nd call in while traveling in these two countries. I have 10 days plan of traveling. And I will use GPS most of time. So I need strong internet.

  5. veronica

    I have a vodafone call ya smartphone special sim card(9.99) bought here in Germany, but my roaming does not seem to work(was in France last week and it did not work)..had more than sufficient credit…any idea why?

  6. Arriane

    I bought a Vodafone sim in Portugal and was told that i’d be able to use it throughout Europe. But it doesn’t work here in Spain. My next destination is in Netherlands. How it’s supposed to work? Hope you can help. Thanks!

  7. Marie

    Hello I’m using a Lidl Connect card and I travel all over EU. Is Smart S plan is gonna work for me in other EU countries without extra charge or I’ll be charged extra for local calls? What about Internet usage?

    Thanks in advance

  8. Denise Egglestone

    Hello, I am travelling throughout Europe. I bought a Vodaphone SIM card in the Netherlands and as soon as I travelled into Germany, it does not work. Any ideas for me?

  9. Emre

    My CallYa international don’t works in Italy (I bought it in Spain). What can be the problem? From mivodsfone I see that I have 7 GB data and 800 min talk but I cant use . The phone settings are right
    What can be the problem?

  10. Shrirupa Sen

    I have a Netherlands Vodafone number. I have sufficient credit on the number. So will I be able to use it without paying any roaming fees in Berlin?

  11. Ritwika

    I have lost my aldi sim pin code. And now I can’t remember it. Can you please tell me what should I do now?

  12. Andrew Morgan

    I have an Alcatel onetouchthat I bought on a US base in Germany. I’m in France right now and have run out of prepaid credit. How do I buy more and get back to using my phone?

  13. Stani

    My German vodafone number which I’ve had now for 6 years doesn’t give my menu in English anymore. It was working fine until last year, since then, I’ve managed to change the options but whenever I call to add euros on my prepaid account, it’s always in German.

  14. Hilary

    I hope you’re still answering questions. I picked up a Vodafone sim in Germany and was told I’d be able to use it throughout Europe. I’ve read that it doesn’t work in Switzerland (where I currently am), but I’d like to clarify to be sure it will work once I go to France. I imagine I’ll have to top it off as I arrive? I read that roaming will apply and require credit on my account while I’m in Switzerland, but my data use hasn’t changed, roaming is turned on, and I’m still not seeing any service at all. I guess I’m just confused about how it’s supposed to work.

    • MyGermanPhone

      Hi Hilary, yes you should put credit on it when you get to France, where roaming is included. Have you activated your plan, yet? You will need a plan with included internet and sufficient credit. Otherwise you won’t have internet or free minutes. Vodafone uses the Swisscom network in Switzerland, so make sure you selected that network, or turn automatic network search on. In Switzerland, the cost for 50kB is 0,20€, so it’s very expensive.

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